The Bible: Book by Book

The Bible: Book by Book

Every Wednesday, 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM

Location: Redeemer Church | Waterford, Michigan, 2274 Crescent Lake Road, Waterford, MI US 48329

Coordinator: Paul Edwards |

Website: http://www.redeemerwaterford.com

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Overwhelming, right? The Bible is a library of 66 separate books. What do any of them have to do with the others? Why an Old Testament and a New Testament? What’s it all about and why does it even matter?

The Bible contains a series of dramas - all true - and all of which reveal God’s plan to rescue us. 

Why do we need rescuing? Join us beginning Wednesday, January 3rd as we embark on a journey through the drama of God’s word. We’ll walk through the Bible book by book - all 66 of them - and see how they all culminate in God revealing His Son Jesus as our Redeemer, Advocate, Priest, and Savior. 

God’s plan to rescue us is Jesus. The only way to know Jesus is to understand the Bible. Let us help.

The sessions are free.