Global Missions

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TURKEY - Benhan Konutgan

Pastor Paul Edwards with Dr. Benhan Konutgan and AntoineRedeemer Church partners with International Needs USA (based in Grand Rapids, Michigan) to provide prayer and financial support for the minority Christian population in country of Turkey. More than 99% of Turkey's population is Muslim. We support an indigenous missionary who is leading a small congregation of believers in Istanbul and providing relief for refugees on the Turkey/Syria border.


LATEST UPDATE: Winter 2016 Report from Turkey

CHINA - The family name is withheld for security purposes

United Kingdom - Dale & Debbie Peterson

Dale & Debbie PetersonWith a multi-faceted pastoral ministry spanning over 40 years, Dale maintains a primary focus on global evangelism through the local church, using every available means at every available moment to assist pastors and churches in developing and implementing global ministry.  Dale is an author, international speaker, the father of five grown children.  He and his wife reside in Clarkston, Michigan.

Ministry Website: https://www.dalepeterson.org

Blog: https://dalepeterson.wordpress.com/