Core Values

Redeemer is Rooted


Redeemer Church is rooted in the glory of God.

We believe every human being was created in the image of God to bring glory to God by enjoying Him in this life, and forever; that God created us in His own image to be creative and productive; that only when we see the purpose of our work as pointing to the glory of our Creator God will we ever truly be content.

We believe the restless seeking of the present “Lost Generation” derives from the absence of a vital relationship with the eternal God who stepped into our time to reveal Himself to us and reconcile us to Himself in Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the exact image of God’s glory. Our desire is to introduce you to an eternal relationship with Jesus that will make all the difference in all you are and hope to be. We are fascinated by Jesus Christ. We hope you find Him as compelling as we do.

Redeemer Church is rooted in the family as God’s foremost institution for the flourishing of culture.

We believe the first priority of the church is to equip moms and dads with the essential skills needed to create a thriving spiritual environment in the home.

We believe training children in piety (holy living), prayer, Scripture memory, respect for authority, and the historic truths of the ancient Christian faith is the first priority of parents. Redeemer Church exists to help you accomplish this.

Redeemer Church is rooted in Waterford, the community we are called to serve.

We believe the church is people entering deeply into one another’s lives, meeting the emotional need for genuine relationships with others (intimacy), the spiritual need for accountability, and the physical need for security.

We believe the church does not exist to grow larger with an inward focus on its own programs for survival. The church does not exist for itself. It exists to help others for the glory of God.

We believe the church exists to make a difference in the community in which it exists by joining with our neighbors in events and causes that serve the common good, and not as a protest movement to oppose the culture.

Redeemer Church is rooted in an enduring ancient faith, not in the passing fads of modern culture.

We believe the church is uniquely called by Jesus Christ to be distinct – yet not isolated – from the culture. The church is uniquely gifted to speak God’s word into the broken lives of people who are struggling to make sense out of life. We enter fully into all that is virtuous and noble in the culture (the arts, sports, education, etc) and see it as God’s good gifts to be enjoyed.

We believe the church should be identifiable by its commitment to historic, even ancient truths and practices. The church is not a coffeehouse, a comedy club, or a concert hall, though you may find coffee, music, and laughter when we gather – all to the glory of God. To this end, at Redeemer Church:

  • We sing Psalms, historic hymns of the Christian faith, as well as hymns and praise songs written by modern hymn writers who have a commitment to conveying ancient truth in their songs; 
  • Our pastor preaches sermons each Sunday from the Bible with a view to instructing us as to what God’s word says and encouraging us to make practical application of God’s word to specific areas of our lives (marriage, family, parenting, work, recreation, leisure); 
  • The Sunday Sabbath is the Lord’s Day and as such ought to be kept holy and separate to the Lord as a day of resting from common labor and worldly pursuits and activities so that we might devote our attention to eternal realities and an inward focus on the condition of our own souls before God.


Redeemer Church is rooted in God’s story of redemption.

We believe that the sinful nature of man is bent against God; yet God in mercy has devised a plan whereby we sinners can be reconciled to Him and thereby find the fullness of our humanity in relationship to our Creator God.

We believe we are called to actively and purposefully share this good news of God’s plan for reconciling sinners to Himself, so that what is broken can be redeemed, and through redemption we realize our true worth and value.

We believe God has called us to proclaim this message in Clarkston, in Pontiac, in Oakland County, and to the world – especially to “the least of these” – the poor, the homeless, the broken, and the discouraged.